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Securecare PC Optimzer


Securecare PC Optimzer

$59 CAD (* Including the taxes)

Here you will find the details of our Securecare PC Optimzer product. Avail it at $59 CAD and we offer you a range of choices to opt from Visa, Mastercard for guaranteed safe checkout.

Guaranteed safe checkout:

Our priority of your privacy protection is excelled right here at Securecare PC Optimzer where through a range of services you can pick from that we offer, we can guarantee your computers shall be protected always. Is the device lagging and isn’t performing at optimum speed? Malware and virus damaging important data, and running the risk of long term damage? Are you concerned that Wi-Fi might not be protected and you may have your data stolen? You’ve come to the right place because Securecare PC Optimzer is the one solution to all of these problems.

  • Brand: Securecare PC Optimzer
  • Validity: 365 Days
  • Size: 500 MB
  • Supported OS: Windows (7,8.1,10)
  • Computer optimization
  • Removal of virus and corrupt files
  • Look for loopholes in Wi-Fi security
  • Your password protection
  • Easily run suspicious apps
  • Prevent webcam spying

Need To Secure Your System With Informatique Secure Care

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